Zhuhai Yebo Precision Manufacture Ltd.

10W 5V USB Charger

10W 5V USB Charger apply in mobile phone、Tablet、iPad、Mp3 etc.

Input Voltage                             100〜240VAC
Input Frequency                         47〜63Hz
Output Voltage Range                 5V
Output Current Range                 1-2A
Output Power                            10W Max
Output port                                1 USB 
Housing Size:                            42*33*22mm

Color: black/white/green/orange

Features: LEVEL VI 

Protection: Over Current and short circuit 

Operation T                          0℃ to +40℃
Operation relative H              20% to 85%
Storage T                             -40℃ to +70℃
Storage  H                            10% to 95%
10W 5V USB Charger apply in mobile phone、toys, iPad、Mp4 etc.